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Paestum is one of the biggest Greek-Roman cities in Italy, located at few kilometers south of the Amalfi Coast.
The city was at the beginning called “Poseidonia”, it became one of the most flourishing centres of the Mediterranean Sea.
Its decay started with the Roman Empire decay, when the buildings were stripped to allow the building of churches and buildings and the rests were abandoned.
The main reasons to visit Paestum are the three extraordinary Doric temples, among the best preserved ones of the ancient times there are: Neptune Temple, the Basilica and Cerere Temple.
The modern city of Paestum, located north the archaeological site, is also a popular tourist place, surrounded by sandy beaches.
The driver will be able to give you also useful advices on the restaurants where you can taste the best local specialities.



Originally a fishermen small village in the heart of Amalfi Coast, Positano with its colors and its Mediterranean style houses offers such an enchanting view that seems to be the set of a theatre. There is a wide choice of the monuments and places to be visited you can decide before with your driver your personalized tour of the day.
The collocation of the houses allows the village to be visited by foot only, walking along the narrow little streets, full of boutiques that became popular for their original clothes, which lead to the Marina Grande.
We suggest to visit the Church of S.Maria Assunta that stands in the main square, whose origin go back to the year 1000. Its big dome covered with coloured majolica tiles allows it to be seen from any corner of the village.
Do not miss the shopping in Positano, it is a unique experience and its shops are worth to be visited with no doubt.



It is castled on a small promontory at 19km from Positano and 5km from Ravello, Amalfi constitutes the centre of the Amalfi Coast.
A private car with a driver will pick you up at the indicated place and you can decide before with your driver your personalized tour in Amalfi.
You will fall in love with Amalfi and the beauty of its historic centre, in the middle of which, anticipated by a wide staircase, there is the Cathedral consecrated to Saint Andrew (IX Century). The enamels and the mosaics and the golden bell tower recall elements of the Byzantine culture that for a long time has been mixed with the local one.
It is suggested to visit the Arsenals where they built the great fleet galleys and the “Emerald Cave” (Grotta dello Smeraldo) that starts from the port of Amalfi.



Originally Greek, Sorrento was an holiday center all-ready during the Roman empire, as well attest the rests of old wall and villas.
Nowadays, Sorrento is one of the most visited sites of Italy, tanks to his central position among the most popular touristic sites such as:  Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Capri, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Napoli.
Sorrento is a peaceful place, which can be visited in any season thanks to its mild climate, the scents of the gardens and the terraces with panoramic views.
The heart of the city is Tasso Square, dedicated to the writer having the same name, born in Sorrento in 1544. The rests of the past are kept in the National Museum of Terranova, together with the wide collection of furniture, porcelains and paintings.
The Church of Saint Francesco shall not be missed, from which it is possible to reach the Municipal House that overlooks the Gulf of Naples.



An excursion not to be missed for the mixture of history and beauty of the places to be visited.
Pompeii was partially destroyed and covered by the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius in a.D. 79 and since then it has been forgotten for centuries.
From 1700 up to now four fifths of Pompeii urban area have been dug out and it is the most popular archaeological site in the world.
Among the most fascinating sites of the excavations there are the Forum, which was the vital centre of the city, Jupiter and Apollo Temples and the Basilica, the most important public building, seat of the Court and economic life centre.
The forum is overlooked by the Vespasian’s Temple, dedicated to the royal worship and the Barns, where the cereals were collected.


Excursion to Mont Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is the symbol of Naples that closes the Gulf thanks to its perfect shape.
Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in Europe but sleeps since the last disastrous eruption from 1944.
The landscape that the excursionist will be able to admire from a height of 1000mt goes from the Sorrento peninsula to Cape Posillipo, giving unforgettable emotions.
The driver will take you up to the top of the Mount Vesuvius, later on you will continue by foot up to the crater to admire the amazing overview of Naples bay.
The Chauffeur Driver will give you some free time for your lunch during the excursion and will be able to give you also useful advices on the attractions around the place.



Naples is the most overworked tourist destination for the variety of the attractions it offers: from the museums to the churches and to the historic monuments of the city.
You can plan with us your tour in Naples with the maxim comfort.
Naples is a city rich of history, of culture and art, located in a human and natural environment, plenty of archeological treasure.
You shall not miss a walk in the monumental centre of the city to admire the famous: Maschio Angioino, built between 1279 and 1282 by Charles I d’Angiò and given over to a royal palace during his dynasty; Dell’Ovo Castle that stands on the little Megaride island, where during the VII Century B.C. the Cumans landed and founded the city of Partenope (Naples); the Royal Palace, Naples heart of power from the XVII Century up to the postwar period and Plebiscito Square.
The driver also, can give you useful advices for the shopping in Roma Street, Toledo Street and Chiaia Street: the smart trade heart of Naples full of shops and other typical activities.
We leave at the time you agreed.