Naples and Royal Palace of Caserta

Naples and Royal Palace of Caserta

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We will explore together two of the most important attractions in Campania on this tour: the Royal Palace of Caserta and the beautiful city of Naples.

The majestic Royal Palace of Caserta, commissioned by King Charles of Bourbon with the ambition to rival the most prestigious European royal residences, symbolizes the pinnacle of Italian Baroque architecture. Entrusted to the skilled designer Luigi Vanvitelli, the palace rises imposingly as an architectural masterpiece. Begun in 1752 and completed in 1845, its construction attests to the long and complex history of the Bourbon dynasty. Despite interruptions due to the departure of Charles of Bourbon for Madrid and the premature death of Vanvitelli in 1773, the palace stands out for its magnificence and grandeur. With 1,200 rooms and 1,742 windows, the Royal Palace enchants with its sumptuousness, embodying the dream of a kingdom aspiring to compete with the royal courts of Europe. A visit not to be missed also for its splendid gardens.

Exploring Naples is an extraordinary experience, rich in historical and cultural treasures that fascinate every visitor. Our tour offers you maximum comfort as you immerse yourself in the millennia-old history of the city. We will begin the journey in the monumental heart of Naples, admiring the majestic Castel Nuovo, witness to centuries of history and power, and Piazza del Plebiscito. We will then continue to the picturesque Castel dell'Ovo, situated on the island of Megaride, where you can immerse yourself in the legends and antiquity that surround this place. Our driver will be happy to give you valuable advice for shopping along Naples' most renowned streets, such as Via Roma, Via Toledo, and Via Chiaia, where you can discover the vibrant heart of Neapolitan commerce and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the city. With our tour, you will experience Naples in all its beauty and authenticity.

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