Sorrento Chauffeur car rental


If you're tired of the usual itinerary and you’re looking for something new and different, we have the solution!

With over 20 years of experience in transportation tourism, Sorrento Taxi offers a wide range of chauffeured car rental services at an excellent price.
We guarantee excitement, and relaxation. All you have to do is to choose the type of transportation and your destination and we'll take care of the rest.
Your driver will always be there waiting for you promptly. No more traffic headaches or hard-to-find parking. Whether you're travelling with family and friends or it's a romantic getaway, we have the answer for you.

Sorrento Taxi's car rentals with chauffeur are certified by the N.C.C. authority in the municipality of Sorrento (complying with the law of January 15th 1992 n.21). Our company has been registered with the Register of Italian Auto Carriers since 1995 and is insured for a maximum of 5 million Euro.

Sorrento Taxi team

Our team of associates are dedicated to your specific travel needs and offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to make your trip an unbeatable experience. Furthermore, our team has an excellent knowledge of English to ensure that we provide you the best possible service.
The company’s owner, Emilio Esposito, looks forward to giving you a warm welcome and making your dreams come true during your visit along the picturesque Sorrento Peninsula, Amalfi Coast, Naples and surrounding areas.


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